About Us

Whoever who goes around the globe comes back with memories to cherish. The culture, architecture, people, places of prominence, goods... it's exciting beyond words. We, a close-knit group of people have always been frequent globetrotters. But unlike most people who live out of the suitcase, we have had ample time with ourselves to go around and checkout things on our own. Once having circumnavigated around the globe and cooling our heels back in India, one of us tossed a question towards the rest. The genesis of Metier was that simple question, 'can we make the exotic products we see around the globe available here in India?' The mood became upbeat in a jiffy. Excitement was all in the air. Precisely, in the 42nd day after the casual meeting, the first vessel carrying a range of products from across the world anchored at the Kochi (Cochin) Port. Today, we source and distribute products in the country, which were once enjoyed only by the crème de la crème of the society. Yes, we pioneered a movement that makes even the most coveted products available to one and all.

And this movement named as Metier Impex is now a registered company in India with its head quarters in Bangalore and servicing customers across borders. The company provides efficient service to its customers with the support of its strong financial and personnel resource.

We aim at retaining the status as the leading and preferred supplier of the following products in Asia, the SAARC region and throughout the African continent.

  • Oils & greases
  • Agricultural and Farming equipment
  • Organic Fertilizers
  • Laboratory equipment and chemicals
  • Computer equipment and accessories
  • Our goal is to provide reliable, cost effective services and solutions to our clients.